You Could be Mine

Edinson Volquez        9-2;  1.64 ERA  (1st in MLB) —     $380,000

Justin Duchscherer    6-4;   2.20 ERA  (3rd in MLB) —  $1,200,000

John Danks               4-4;   2.90 ERA (13th in MLB) —     $380,000

Armando Galarraga  6-2;  3.31 ERA (23rd in MLB) —      $380,000

Chris Young               4-4;  4.50 ERA                    —    $2,650,000

Which reminds me….

Remember all of those people who seemed to gleefully write and talk about how DVD didn’t turn out to be anything special?

Living in Dallas, I know from my local media that you have to spend money to build a rotation.   Spending money will solve all of the Rangers’ problems.

I’ve also been told by the same pundits that the Rangers can’t develop pitching.




  1. rick 4036

    One reason and one reason only. They’re having success in the major leagues (where it counts) wearing uniforms that do not say Texas or Rangers on them. Until the pitchers they develop can have success with the team that developed them, it’ll be a hollow argument. Besides, doesn’t the team these guys are currently with deserve some of the credit for their success? Especially Duchscherer since he’s been with the A’s for so long? And didn’t Young develop mostly in another organization (Pirates)? I respect your opinions but, I have to part ways with you on this one.


    In the case of these pitchers it is not that they didn’t develope them as much as they did not see that they were ready to pitch in the bigs.
    They continually bring up guys like loe and tejada and dfa galleraga.
    They trade yound for a relief pitcher.
    Volquez trade was a win for everyone.
    Chicago stole danks.
    Duchscherer, with him you have an arguement but he is the only one that did not come from us right to the show.


    The only part of the Chris Young trade that turns my stomach is Adrian Gonzales, I believe pitching in Petco, and the NL in general has made Chris Young what he is today, I believe the Ballpark would have taken its toll on him eventually. Justin Duchscherer, we definitely don’t get credit for that one. Edinson Volquez hurts, but we do have arguably the most talented man in the game to show for him, so I can live with it. John Danks is one that kinda gets me angry when I think about it, because there is really no good reason why he shouldn’t be doing what he is as a Texas Ranger.


    You could add Aaron Harang to that list. Didn’t the Rangers also pass on Kazmir in the draft? Imagine a rotation consisting of Kazmir, Volquez, Danks, Duchscherer, and Harang. Wow.


    the one that irritates me the most on this list is Galarraga. He has been lights out for the Tigers and we gave him no real chance to show what he could do here. What little chance he had to show his stuff here, he acquitted himself well. For some reason, management decided that he was not as good as our other options……Tejeda will be the next to star elsewhere, although we gave him some good looks. He has a good enough arm where we should have put him in the rotation and left him there for at least a couple of months to see what he could do. He will end up being a much better starter than Gabbard.


    Can you talk some about John Mayberry Jr. Is there any particular reason why he has taken off since his promotion to Triple A? What are scouts saying about him? How do the Rangers feel about him? If David Murphy keeps on hitting, and the Rangers do like Milton Bradley long term(And I hope they do), does he become a trade chip? Nothing against David Murphy but I hope to see JMJ playing left field for the Rangers everday some day. We could use some right handed power, especially if Chris Davis keeps on keeping on. Your comments, thoughts, would be much appreciated Mr. Hindman, thanks.

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