Follow me…

to the Dallas Morning News baseball blog where I’ll be joining Evan Grant, Richard Durrett, and Tim MacMahon, starting tomorrow.  

This move is something that Evan and I have been kicking around for nearly a year and, after a meeting with the DMN brass last week, everybody decided that it was something worth trying.

I’ll be posting on matters spanning the width and breadth of the Rangers organization, not just the minors.  I’ll do some live blogging from Arlington and Frisco and contribute two Farm Fresh Goodness (FFG) reports every week.   My first post should go up around noon tomorrow. 

For those of you who read this blog, I would really, really, deeply appreciate it if you would save that link as a favorite and check in with me over there — and contribute comments.






    Already there on a daily basis, Mike. Looking forward to your addition to that blog. I appreciate your insights into our Rangers farm clubs and farmhands.

    See you at DMN.


    Good luck in the tansition.While you’re moving, can you confirm other blog sites which indicate Derek Holland has been promoted to Frisco and will pitch tomorrow?

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